RACE is keen to collaborate with talented and high performing people, very importantly any human potential. Race is proud to have an uncanny ability to pick and work with people who has the thirst to become successful. RACE offers a wide range of pharmaceutical career opportunities from research and development ,business technology to marketing and pharmaceutical sales. 

RACE offers a tremendous work life balance for our
people. RACE is very specific and unique in employee’s welfare. RACE is interested in the Quality of Life of Employees , to achieve this very unique interest , RACE provides continuous learning programs not only work based , also, personal enrichment programs to enable employees to balance between day to day work and personal life

Our employeeS say

Love my job at race
Because race pharma is an organisation where passionate and ambitious people are working together to give the best possible service and product to the medical fraternity.
Day by day, week by week we are continuously trying to improve our services and products. We have an excellent product profile to suit all specialities of doctors.
We insist on meditation every hour for our colleagues to destress and work with love. All the above factors and a fantastic working atmosphere makes race pharmaceuticals a place where people love their work.
race pharma
V. Balaji
I can say this is my best Work environment...

Since joining Race, I have had a good professional journey. The 3+ years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career.
It is very motivating to join a company early in its growth process and i thoroughly enjoy working here. If you want to work in good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment – Race pharma is the place.”
race pharma
N. G. Saravanan
I love working with RACE Pharmaceuticals, as, right from the day I attended interview through working, my colleagues are cordial, with very meaningful communication.

I am surprised to see a corporate with very open mindedness and transparency with zero tolerance to gossips.

Working environment is very conducive and our MD Mr.Kumaran, a believer of “powerful and peaceful minds produce productive work” , empower us to practice meditation through an ongoing program and is making us the most Successful professional.
race pharma
S. Anuradha
I was working in Race Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd almost more than three years. Even during not such a long period of time I have received a huge experience and useful knowledge. What I valued most of all in Race Pharma were Corporate Culture, Company’s spirit, friendship and mutual help. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for company’s management for their support and positive attitude, for all the moments we had gone through all together. I hope that company will keep developing and will continue working for the sake of the patients.
race pharma
V. Muthukumari
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