race pharma

Established in 2001, Race pharmaceuticals pvt ltd, a bridge between patients’ need and their Quality of Life, Racing in 30 Territories with 100 work forces. Not only enjoying the admiration and respect at RACE, every employee is provided with continuous training and development opportunities to enhance the deliverables and customer satisfaction.

As said, there is no shortcut to success; we believe the process orientation is one of the most important catalysts to success. Hence, we associate with various eminent consultants from various parts of the globe for developing our process and gain quality certifications and process. Last but not the least, We at RACE, always STRIVE HARD to be value driven organization to ensure organization is not just numbers, figures, products, buildings – it’s a a FAMILY.

race pharma
race pharma

Our only vision of creating a global top inspired company with High Quality PEOPLE,PRODUCT, PROCESS to fulfil the demands of patients, RACE has made technical alliance with Haldane pharmaceuticals, Singapore. Currently to bridge the unmet needs of patients, we have aportfolio of products, which are industry – leading and treated against many of the
challenging ailments, including cardio vascular, dialectology, neuro psychiatry , orthopaedic , dermatology , paediatric related and
gynaecological need , also surgical related needs

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